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Clip-on sunglasses, Overglasses, or sunglasses with AirShield - which would be best for me?

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Eyewear Accessories has a range of sunglasses that are suitable for individual requirements for glare protection throughout the year. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of product.

Clip on sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses are tinted lenses joined by a nose bridge, that in some cases is spring-loaded. They attach onto your spectacles with either four lens edge clips or a central mount.

flip up sunglasses


  • Inexpensive way to turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses
  • Discreet clips ensure they look much like prescription sunglasses
  • Quick and easy to attach and remove
  • Very light, compact and easily portable
  • Range of lens colours available for varying light conditions
  • Optical quality lenses providing:
    • 100% UV protection
    • no distortion
    • superb polarising efficiency
  • Safe for driving, particularly the flip up models - you can flip up the lenses quickly if you enter a dark stretch of road
  • Choice between polarised or non-polarised:
    • polarised is best for reducing glare from the sun and reflected glare from bright or shiny objects
    • non-polarised is best if you want glare protection while ensuring that you will be able to see your mobile phone and sat nav clearly


  • On a very sunny day, glare can intrude at the top and sides of the lenses. The glare from the top can be eliminated by wearing a peaked cap as well as your sunglasses

Overglasses / Fitovers

Overglasses, which are also referred to as Fitovers, go over the top of your spectacle frame, covering the spectacles completely.

photo showing how overglasses fit over your spectacles


  • Inexpensive and quick way to turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses
  • Fit over your spectacle frame without using clips
  • Light and easily portable
  • Optical quality lenses providing:
    • 100% UV protection
    • no distortion
    • superb polarising efficiency
  • Excellent for driving on a sunny day because they offer protection from glare coming in at the sides without compromising peripheral vision


  • Bulky appearance when you are wearing them
  • Not as easy to put on and take off as clip on sunglasses
  • Not effective for wind or dust protection

7eye sunglasses with AirShield

7eye sunglasses are wraparound in design and have a removable, insulated gasket called an AirShield.

 7eye wraparound sunglasses with AirShield


  • The most effective way to provide all round glare protection, while also protecting your eyes from UV, wind, dust and pollen
  • Available with prescription or non-prescription lenses
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • When worn with tinted lenses, they look much like normal wraparound sunglasses
  • Available with a choice of lens colours, including polarised and light-reactive
    • Useful for a range of sport and leisure pursuits that require your eyes to be protected from the elements - eg: golf, fishing, cycling, hiking, and skiing.
    • Provide relief from dry or watery eyes
    • AirShield can be unclipped when you don't need the extra protection


    • Relatively expensive compared with clip on sunglasses or overglasses, but compared with other quality brands such as Oakley or Adidas, 7eye offers great value for money
    • Peripheral vision is somewhat restricted by the AirShield gasket
    • Lenses can mist up if you wear 7eye sunglasses too tightly

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