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The 7eye Cape have truly transformed my life

7eye Cape blepharitis relief dry eye dry eye relief

We are delighted to share with you the feedback just received from one of our customers who bought the 7eye Cape to provide relief from her symptoms of blepharitis and dry eye:

“I had been struggling with 'dry eye' and blepharitis for many months, to the extent that I was no longer able to leave home, due to the extreme sensitivity of my eye condition, which was triggered by wind and hay fever.

I was about to lose my job as I work in an air conditioned environment and it was proving to be impossible to manage, until I discovered 7 eye Cape moisture chamber glasses. They have truly transformed my life! I am back at work, and I am able to be out when it's windy or wet or if the pollen count is high. My eyes are completely protected and I need worry no longer that they will react and become sore.

I find them extremely comfortable and the many customers I meet in the retail environment really like the look of them.

Thank you Eyewear Accessories for giving me my life back!”

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