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Dry eyes can be alleviated by wearing moisture chamber glasses

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Many people who suffer from dry eyes are reliant on taking regular eye drops to supplement their natural tear moisture.

There are many competing brands all seeking a share of the market in eye drops.

However, as anyone who uses eye drops regularly will know, the cost to the consumer can add up significantly, and overuse of eye drops can cause allergic reactions and other side effects.

There is therefore, increasing interest in the use of Dry eye Glasses as a natural alternative for relieving dry eyes, and for reducing daily reliance on eye drops.

Dry eye glasses and goggles are like wraparound sunglasses with the addition of a barrier layer or gasket that rests gently around the eye sockets, helping to seal in moisture and keep out the drying effects of blown air, heating, and air conditioning.

Also known as moisture chamber glasses, this eyewear helps to moisturise the wearer's eyes while also keeping a clean, dust free environment around the eye sockets.

dry eye glasses


This specialist eyewear is available in the UK and Europe through Eyewear Accessories, a family-run company established by a dry eye sufferer, with a successful track record of supplying dry eye glasses to individuals and medical experts.

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