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10% discount off our winter driving package - plus big savings compared with prescription glasses

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Autumn and winter driving can be dangerous and tiring. If you wear prescription glasses to drive, you can improve your driving comfort and safety while saving money with our new discounted winter driving package.

Protect yourself from daytime road blindness

We are in a classic Autumn weather pattern of sunshine and showers.

The day is bright and sunny one moment and then rainstorms come with short notice. The rapid change in light conditions throws up a real danger for drivers.

The roads are wet from the rain and then the low angle sun comes out and shines brightly on them, causing road blindness from the intense reflected glare.

Road blindness through low angle sun reflection of wet roads

Our polarised flip up sunglasses help to diffuse the glare. Flip them down instantly when you need protection, flip them up again when the sun goes in.


Protect yourself from headlight glare

Many drivers prefer not to drive at night specifically because they don't feel comfortable or safe when they are dazzled by headlights.

headlight glare is a serious problem for night drivers

Fortunately help is at hand. Our blue light anti-glare flip up sunglasses soften the harsh and dazzling effect of car headlights, making driving more comfortable and safer.

clipon night driving lenses

Read article: Why are so many drivers suffering from headlight glare when driving at night?

Save money in two ways

1) Huge savings compared with varifocal prescription glasses

If you wear varifocal prescription lenses you will know only too well how costly it is to buy new glasses. Expect to pay £200 to £500 for a single pair, depending on how complex your prescription is.

Get a second pair of glasses with a tint to act as sunglasses and you are spending even more.

Much cheaper then to buy clip on lenses. You would save at least £150 if you buy our winter driving package compared with standard varifocal prescription lenses. What's more, our clip on lenses keep on working if you change prescription, as long as you are keeping your current frames. So the saving in spending just keeps on increasing.

2) Save 10% on the cost of your order using code WINTER10

When you buy our winter driving package rather than ordering the day and night driving lenses separately you can apply the discount code WINTER 10 to get 10% discount off your order.

How to order

Go here to order your daytime lenses: flip-up-sunglasses
  • Scroll down the page and click on the shape/size that will best fit your glasses
  • Select your preferred lens colour from the drop down menu
  • Click [Add to basket]

Go here to order your night-time lenses: flip-up-lenses-with-blue-light-filter

  • Click [Add to basket]

Proceed to the checkout

At the start of the checkout, enter the code WINTER 10 to take 10% off the cost of your order

Now proceed through the checkout details and place your order.

Start enjoying safer and more comfortable driving this year - and benefit by the savings you have made!

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